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Maraş, the Las Vegas of the Mediterranean, before the 1974 peace campaign with the motto "Ayşe Take a Holiday" was called. At the moment, there were only as many hotels as in the whole island in the Maraş region. With its long beaches and not brought from the world, it is a frequent destination of European jet society. It has 21 different and nearly 2000 businesses in Maraş. World famous players; Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, Sophie Loren and many more spent their holidays in this region. In Maraş, which is the center of its own watch, such as St Tropez, Cannes, Monaco, which is popular today, The UK management facility included the only 7-star hotel "Golden Sand". After Peace Operation, it will last until 1974 until 2015 It was written that it was full. The best and new models of car brands go to traffic on Maraş Streets, private planes and yachts used to come here. This region, which could not be shared after the 1974 peace operation, abandoned on its own. experiences in this region, they can not even collect their belongings, their homes and businesses I had to leave. To the imaginary city of Maraş. In the recent period, especially the Turkish and Cypriot governments, intense negotiations have been made about Maraş. there was hope. This area is partially opened to visitors. future risers enlargement is planned. Of course, even if this region is opened, it will return to its old glory days, new construction will take time. However, with its restructuring, It is not to stay away from returning to the old days of Maraş.