Domestic and International Real Estate Investment Consultancy

Investing in real estate in Cyprus can be a profitable financial step. Despite the economic downturn in recent years, current financial reports show significant growth in key indicators. Unlike most European and Middle Eastern countries, this region is showing steady development. Citizens of any country and representatives of any religion can easily invest in real estate in Cyprus. Investing in Cyprus real estate can generate income when rented, on a monthly basis and in the form of net value increase. You can invest in Cyprus real estate by purchasing residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings and facilities. Exen Invest Investment provides the right guidance for a wide variety of real estate investments in Cyprus, in the field of domestic and especially international real estate services, in order to meet all your needs, with a high investment and value increase, with a return time of 15 years.


Cyprus has the perfect property to suit your unique needs and budget, from residential and land for sale to industrial warehouses, hotels, offices, buildings and shops. Whether you are looking for an apartment for sale or an investment property for rent to earn income in every part of Cyprus, you will find everything you are looking for in Exen Invest consultancy. Our team of experienced investment advisors are always on hand to provide the highest standards of dedicated client support at every stage of the purchasing process. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year and the cleanest sea range in Europe, Cyprus offers an attractive combination of high quality of life and low cost of doing business. With vibrant and cosmopolitan Cyprus, a fascinating and archeologically rich history and cultural integrity, buying real estate in Cyprus is a very convenient island for real estate investment.

How Can I Invest in Real Estate in Cyprus? ?

The process of buying real estate in Cyprus has similarities with the laws of England. The language of the documents you will encounter at the stage of real estate purchase is English. The period of owning real estate on the island can take between 3 and 6 months. In order for the process to be completed as expected, the real estate investor must fulfill all the necessary conditions for the purchase transactions. An advantageous aspect of investing in real estate in Cyprus is the possibility of selling or renting the purchased real estate during the approval phase of the transactions.

How Foreign Citizens Invest in Real Estate in Cyprus?

Cyprus For non-citizens, the first step in real estate investment in this island is to obtain a 'real estate purchase permit' from the competent authorities. Without the 'real estate purchase permit' to be obtained from the State institutions of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the said purchase and sale transactions of the real estate cannot be carried out. Following the receipt of the document, real estate purchase and sale transactions are carried out by signing the sales contract, by making a payment commitment between the buyer and the seller through a lawyer. One of these transactions, namely the new buyer on the real estate, must have the sales contract approved by the Tax Office and registered with the Land Registry Office within 21 days.

Why Should I Invest in Cyprus Real Estate?

The real estate investment process in Cyprus, which we can call smart investment in real estate, is remarkable. There are many arguments in favor of buying real estate in Cyprus. First of all, it is a temperate, sunny climate. At the same time, Cyprus has a low crime rate, a loyal tax system, health care at the European level, a large number of schools for foreigners, a large number of places for interesting leisure activities, a wide variety of attractions and historical monuments. You can get information from Exen Invest Real Estate Investment Consulting to ensure that real estate investment brings only benefits and the process of buying a home or commercial real estate is as simple and fast as possible.


If you are abroad If you are considering a real estate investment, as we mentioned above, Cyprus is a remarkable location for such an investment. In Cyprus laws, which offer the opportunity to make real estate investments on behalf of foreign investors with an easier process than many countries and cities, they can carry out all real estate purchase and sale transactions with a lawyer, especially in the TRNC. Another reason for investment is residence permit. In return for the purchase of a real estate valued at 125 thousand euros in Cyprus, you will receive a temporary residence permit for the first 3 years and for two years after 3 years. The island economy, especially in Northern Cyprus, tends to develop in recent years. The increase in real estate values ​​also makes investment attractive. The increase in the number of universities and the resulting student population in the region also means rent guarantee in real estate investments. brings with it. Cyprus Real Estate Investment Consultancy EXEN Invest, thanks to the business partnerships we have made in foreign investments, we share the best solution proposals with you. In parallel with this, "Housing Investment", which has a 25-year payback period in our country, decreases to a 10-year payback period in the projects we have agreements with. These projects provide you both an investment advantage and a holiday opportunity. How Does? Let us host you in Cyprus and have the opportunity to see our projects in detail!


Exen Invest, which specializes in domestic and especially international real estate services; It provides real estate investment consultancy services with a high investment and value increase, a return period of 15 years or less, and a high value increase. Particularly, he shares the experiences he has gained in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, as an investor, with investors who expect foreign currency rental income and foreign currency value increase. After analyzing customer expectations, the company has adopted the principle of providing services at all stages of the investment process, from the selection of the property to the expectations of the investor and then the management of this property. With its experienced and experienced team, EXEN Invest, which has made the right investments to many investors, has made a profit; It is one of the most effective organizations in its field with its digital marketing, call center, legal department, after-sales departments, and guest welcoming services. It has become an important investment tool. Also in this period, the diversity of real estate increased and expertise in real estate gained importance. There are many important parameters for investors today in investments in securities or real estate. In order to reach the accuracy of these parameters, a good analysis and observation experience is required.

This guide not only conveys EXEN Invest's knowledge and experience, but also summarizes how you can earn by working with us.