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North Cyprus; Many people with different aspects, a large number of tourists, a large number of tourists. There are many port cities in Northern Cyprus, which is suitable for one of the largest islands of the Mediterranean.nbsp;

This port city is one of it is also “Famagusta” as Famagusta. With its natural beauty, climate, experiences and activities to visit, Cyprus is an experience that draws from experience. Famagusta makes songs for some of these beauties of the island. This place is this power about the city and many close ones.

It may be preferable to get information about Northern Cyprus. With its beautiful beaches, venues and luxury, we can say that Northern Cyprus is worth visiting. He may plan to live in Northern Cyprus for various reasons. For example, you may be interested in the current lifestyle and beautiful climate of this place. Researching real estate options in Famagusta among the real estate options on the island. You can read more about Famagusta in many areas, from the city to be visited. Information

Famagusta is among the places in Cyprus preferred by many visitors. It is displayed in a unique place. In addition, Famagusta can be a very good place to live. It is possible to live here and live a long life. 

If you are planning to live here, Famagusta real estate and other writers should attend information education. in need. On top of that, there may be general information about the city as well as curiosity.

The story of Famagusta North Cyprus takes place first, and Famagusta Province with the same name; Depends on his wife. Kind of being a port city of Cyprus It is a city with a coast to the Mediterranean. Therefore, it can be a place for people living in a place with a seashore. 

The 2011 census will be held in the future; Again, the population of Famagusta is over 40,000. In other words, it is one of the largest cities in Northern Cyprus in terms of population. There are many things to do and many things to see in this city located on the Mediterranean coast.

  1. Places to Visit in Famagusta

Visiting to Northern Cyprus; There are many important places to see in Famagusta, which is a popular touristic destination choice for the future. Famagusta, St. Anna Church, Othello Castle and St. Nicholas Harbor Cathedral are some of these places. Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque is some of these places. Besides these, the Greek St. George Church, the Latins St. George Church, the Kertikli Bath, the Famagusta Walls, the St. Barnabas Monastery, the Ancient City of Salamis, Francis Church, Namık Kemal Dungeon and Museum are among the places to see in Famagusta.There are many different historical and touristic places to visit in Famagusta, free of charge. 

  1. Life in Famagusta

North Cyprus’ As in many places in Famagusta, it is possible to lead a life here and in Famagusta. As mentioned, there are many places to do here. It's time to visit the historical and cultural places on the threshold, and spend time with various visits in Famagusta. can be made. For example, Famagusta, a port city, has various options in terms of water sports. Besides, there may be bars in the city for a socially active person.

  1. Real Estate Opportunities in Famagusta

For tourists ;in North Cyprus is one of the great places to visit. Behind this, basically the beautiful weather, nature, beaches, culture of the island; and more lies. We can say that Famagusta, which is among the pleasant cities of Northern Cyprus, is a great place for visitors to have a pleasant time. 

Famagusta can also be a great option to live beyond. If you are aiming to live in this city, you may want to learn about real estate opportunities in Famagusta. Basically there are lots of good real estate options in this city. Of course, it can be difficult to make your choice among all these options.

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