About Girne

North Cyprus is a great place to live as well as to visit for touristic purposes. It is possible to live a pleasant life in peace and happiness here. In addition, Northern Cyprus is a place that offers various opportunities in the field of real estate. Therefore, you may be aiming to invest in real estate in this country. When it comes to real estate in Northern Cyprus, there are many different places you can choose from. You can find various information about Kyrenia, which is among these places, on this page.

Many factors, from its beautiful nature to its active social life, affect Kyrenia. It makes it a place worth living. At the same time, this port city has a political, historical and cultural significance for the TRNC. For all these and other reasons, you may want to review Kyrenia real estate opportunities to buy a house here. 

On this page In addition to some basic information about Kyrenia, you can get information about places to visit and have an idea about life in Kyrenia. Then you can find some information about Kyrenia real estate opportunities in the last section.

  1. General Information About Kyrenia

Among the cities of Cyprus, Kyrenia is among the places preferred by many tourists every year. We can say that an important reason for this is the unique beauty of the city and the fact that it is a lively place. In addition to this, there are many luxury hotels in the city where visitors can stay. chosen, you may be wondering some basic information about Kyrenia. This basic information can be anything from the population of the city to its geographical features. Now, let's talk briefly about some of the main features of the city of Kyrenia.

First of all, Kyrenia is a port city located in the northern part of the island of Cyprus, in the Kyrenia province of the TRNC. . Therefore, the city has a coast to the Mediterranean. Kyrenia, which is 26 km from Nicosia, is 47 km from Guzelyurt and 80 km from Famagusta. In other words, many places in Northern Cyprus, including the capital Nicosia, can be easily reached from Kyrenia.

The fame of Kyrenia, which is a touristic city; Fusu is over 20,000 according to the 2011 census. The total population of the Girne Province is around 81,000 according to the 2021 estimations. Known for its natural beauties, beaches and nice climate, Kyrenia real estate area also draws attention with its various options. In addition, there are many places in Kyrenia that offer a wonderful environment for a beautiful life.

  1. Places to Visit in Kyrenia

Kyrene, one of the most important central places of Northern Cyprus There are many historical, touristic and cultural places that you can visit and see. Among the places to visit in Kyrenia are religious buildings such as Bellapais Monastery, as well as St. There are also places like Hilarion Castle and Bufavento Castle. In addition, Girne Castle is one of the most popular historical places here.

Also, Girne Marina, Blue Pavilion, Karaoğlanoğlu Martyrdom, Hz. . You can also go to places such as Ouml;mer Tomb, Sunken Ship Museum, Icon Museum. Finally, don't forget to see the Turkish Tank, one of the iconic historical ruins of the city.

  1. Life in Kyrenia

Kyrene, an important place in many senses of Northern Cyprus, It can be a very nice experience to live in. Because here there is a beautiful nature, an active social life, pleasant beaches and various opportunities. Among the beautiful and livable places in Kyrenia are places such as Alsancak, Karmi, Balabayıs and Ccedil;atalk.

This day of Northern Cyprus; In addition to living a peaceful life in the private port city, enjoyable activities can also be done. For example, activities such as water sports and mountaineering can be done in Kyrenia. In addition, historical places can be seen, cafes and bars can be visited to socialize. You can also taste delicious food in this place, which has a fine cuisine. If you aim to live in Kyrenia You may want to take a look at Kyrenia real estate options.

  1. in Kyrenia Real Estate Opportunities

As a tourist, it is possible to have a great time in Kyrenia . At the same time, we can say that there are great opportunities for those who decide to live long-term in Kyrenia. Kyrenia, with its culture, nature, social life and peaceful life style, has many things necessary for a good life. 

In addition, there are many quality Kyrenia house options for sale. At the same time, when it comes to Kyrenia real estate, there are various housing projects and villa options. Therefore, if you are aiming to invest in real estate in Kyrenia, we can say that there are many options you can choose from in this regard.

Existing &c; While making your choice among many options, the properties and prices of the real estates here may be very important for you. In order to reach good quality Kyrenia real estate opportunities, you can review the options we offer you in this area. In this way, when you are researching other real estate opportunities as well as house options for sale or rent in Kyrenia, you will do this with a reliable company. 

Prices In order to give an idea about the issue, we can say that the real estate options we offer in Kyrenia start from around £55,000 and there are options that go up to £479.000. To examine the options we offer in more detail, the House for Sale in Kyrenia section on our website; You can review. You can get detailed information about Kyrenia real estate opportunities by contacting us.