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There are many residential areas in Northern Cyprus and these places attract the attention of both many tourists and many people who plan to live here. With its historical sites, beautiful nature, magnificent beaches and many enjoyable activities to do, Northern Cyprus is a place worth visiting. 

North Cyprus’ One of the places located in Iskele is the town. From its peaceful nature to its beautiful countryside and beaches, its many features can make this place and its surroundings interesting for you. For this reason, you may be aiming to live here and invest in Iskele real estate. If you intend to evaluate the real estate market options of this place, you may want to learn about the Pier.

Many visits from various countries North Cyprus is a peaceful place full of enjoyable activities. In addition, it is possible to find various options in this country in fields such as university education and real estate. In addition, Northern Cyprus is a place where you can want to live for a long time, with a pleasant climate and many beautiful features.

I want to live in Northern Cyprus. There are many different cities and towns that target people can choose to live here. We can say that Iskele is a wonderful place among the beautiful towns of Northern Cyprus. If you want to live here, visit here or buy real estate here, you may want to review the information you will find on this page about Iskele.

  1. General Information About Cyprus Pier

It's an old-timey Northern Cyprus, with its history, unique natural beauty and magnificent beaches, is a wonderful place in terms of tourism. Therefore, you may want to visit here and enjoy the beauty of this country. 

Visit North Cyprus or here If you want to live, Iskele can be one of the places you can choose. Because there are many different places to visit and many things to do in and around the town of İskele. On this page you can find some information about them and get an idea about life in İskele. First, before going through this information, let's talk about some general information about this town and the province it is connected to.

Iskele is located in the east of Northern Cyprus. It is a town connected to the area and Iskele Province. Famagusta Province of Northern Cyprus, which has 774 km2 hundreds of hundreds of miles to the town to which the town is affiliated. my face after his wife as its largest province. Iskele Province, which has a population of over 32,000, has 28 settlements and one of them is the town of Iskele.

Population of the town According to the population data of 2006, it is around 21.000. Basically, we can say that Iskele is one of the quiet and peaceful places in Northern Cyprus. This is a great place to visit and provides many things necessary for a good life. For example, Kıbrıs Iskele is a place with many options for real estate opportunities.

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One ​​of the remarkable places in Northern Cyprus with its beautiful nature When you visit Pier, you can enjoy the many natural beauties of this place. In addition to this, İskele is a very rich place in terms of places to visit. For example, you can go to places such as Agios Philon Church, Aphendrika, Apostle Andreas Monastery here. In addition to these, places such as Kantara Castle, Panaya Kanakaria Church, İskele Kon Museum and King Tombs can be visited in İskele. In summary, there are many historical places that you can visit and see here.

  1. For those who want to visit Northern Cyprus, we can say that Pier is a place worth seeing. In addition, life in İskele can be quite peaceful and enjoyable with its location and facilities. You can enjoy nature in İskele, which has a pleasant atmosphere. and you can enjoy the beaches. Here you can experience the tranquility of town life and enjoy various activities.

    To give some examples of activities that can be done, go-kart, trekking, patching; Paragliding, paintball, scuba diving and horse riding are some of them. In addition to all these, you can visit many historical and cultural places in İskele. In short, living in İskele can be a very nice experience. If you are planning to live your life here or if you want to invest in real estate in this region, you can take a look at Iskele real estate options.

    1. Cyprus Iskele Real Estate Opportunities

    Visit and live here Cyprus Pier can be a great place for people who want to. This is a place that attracts attention with its beautiful nature, clean air and calmness. In addition to these, there are many places worth seeing in İskele. In addition, Pier offers many activity opportunities for people who want to have a pleasant time. Therefore, for many tourists, Iskele may be a place they can choose to come. In addition, if you want to live your life in Northern Cyprus, you may want to review this place.

    To invest in Northern Cyprus real estate or here If you are aiming to own a residence, Iskele can offer you various opportunities. Because Iskele is a place that has many options in the field of real estate. Here, it is possible to find options with prices around £1,150,000 as well as houses currently priced around £75,000. In order to take a look at the real estates we offer for you in this area, the House for Sale section of our site in İskele; You can review. You can make your choice among the Iskele real estate options we offer.