About Nicosia

North Cyprus is a place that offers opportunities in many fields such as tourism, real estate and education. Many tourists visit this place and enjoy the beauties of this country. With a population of more than 300,000, Northern Cyprus is divided into a total of six provinces. Among these provinces, the largest in terms of population is; Nicosia, which is a city with the same name, also contains the capital of the country with the same name. 

Nicosia is also the face of the TRNC. ;mu&; It is the largest settlement in terms of and economically the most important province. You can find a lot of important information about Nicosia, which is of great importance for Northern Cyprus, here.

Visit Northern Cyprus If you want to live or live here, Nicosia can be a good option. Nicosia, which is a very lively and crowded city, has plenty of places to visit and many activities where you can have a good time. In addition, we can say that Nicosia is a place to be considered for those who aim to invest in real estate in Northern Cyprus. On this page, we will share with you detailed information about the city of Nicosia in Northern Cyprus.

  1. Nicosia Overview

When it comes to the cities of Northern Cyprus, we can say that Nicosia comes first to most of us. Because Nicosia is the most populated, largest and in many senses the most important residential area in Northern Cyprus. “First of all, Nicosia is a city located in the middle of the island of Cyprus and is the capital of the TRNC. In addition to this, Nicosia is a city divided between two countries as it is also the capital of the Greek Cypriot Administration. In this sense, Nicosia is the only divided capital of the world and an important place for both countries.

Y; solution Northern Cyprus part of the capital Nicosia, which is 51.06 km2, has a population of 61.378 is; The total population of Nicosia, which includes the capital city, is around 158,000. M. Ouml of the first communities in Nicosia, which has a long history. It is thought that he lived as old as 3000 BC. 

Then, especially during the Eastern Roman Empire, the city's importance increased. Today, Nicosia has a developed infrastructure of Northern Cyprus; It is one of the important places in the fields of culture, art and economy. In addition, Nicosia offers various options for potential investors in terms of real estate opportunities.

  1. < span style="">Places to Visit in Nicosia

Like many of the popular touristic places, Nicosia is also It has many places worth visiting. Nicosia has great options for tourist attractions, places to stay, restaurants, bars and shopping centers. So when you visit here, you can find many opportunities to have a pleasant time and experience the city. In addition to such main touristic places, Nicosia is unique in terms of places to visit. It has a large number of options.

First, there is a mosque in Nicosia such as Arap Ahmet Mosque, Bedesten St. Nicholas Church, Walls and Selimiye Mosque. There are many historical places. In addition, you can visit places such as Kyrenia Gate, Büyük Han, Derviş Paşa Mansion and Kumarcılar Han. There are also museums in Nicosia that you can visit, such as the Museum of Barbarism and the Mevlevi Lodge Museum.

  1. Life in Nicosia

If you have a dream to live in Cyprus, Nicosia will come true; It is one of the best cities to add. It is possible for both tourists and permanent residents to have a pleasant and peaceful experience here. In addition to historical and touristic places to visit, Nicosia has many cultural, art and entertainment centers. This city, which is also the economic center of Northern Cyprus, can be an ideal place to live.

He continued his education life in Cyprus; want to run There are many university options in Nicosia for those who want to study. For example, the American University of Cyprus, the University of Cyprus Social Sciences and the Near East University are some of them. When it comes to a peaceful and enjoyable life, Nicosia is a great option with its climate, places to visit, nightlife, shopping centers and more. If you are planning to live in this city for a long time, you may want to take a look at Nicosia real estate options.

  1. Nicosia Real Estate Opportunities

In general, Northern Cyprus is a place that offers many opportunities in the field of real estate. In terms of the economy of Northern Cyprus, besides the tourism and education sectors, the real estate sector; it also carries moisture. Nicosia, the largest city in the country, hosts many opportunities in terms of real estate options. So if you are aiming to invest in real estate in this island, you may want to review the opportunities available in Nicosia. Among these opportunities, you can own real estate in Nicosia by choosing one that suits your budget.

Great places to visit, touristic activities, education and living areas. There are many real estate options in Nicosia, which is a place. However, when reviewing these options, you may want to take some factors into account.  

In addition, Nicosia real estate prices are also in this area. It may be something you can pay attention to. As in other regions of Northern Cyprus, real estate prices in Nicosia also show diversity. “For example, there are currently real estate options in Nicosia between £50,000 and £479,000. You can review the opportunities we offer you in the Nicosia real estate field and contact us.