North Cyprus Education

Education is among the subjects that are given importance in Northern Cyprus as it is everywhere else. In Northern Cyprus, students are subjected to compulsory education lasting 10 years. In addition to primary and secondary education, Northern Cyprus also offers opportunities for a quality education process in higher education. If you want to learn about education in Northern Cyprus, you are at the right address.

On this page, you can access various information about the education system of Northern Cyprus, primary and secondary education on the island. You can get an idea about how the teaching process goes. We also include a lot of information about Northern Cyprus universities here. You can continue reading for detailed information on the subject of education in the TRNC, including primary, secondary and higher education.

  1. Education System in Northern Cyprus

< span style="">Education is one of the subjects given importance in Northern Cyprus. Almost all of the population is literate thanks to compulsory education. Compulsory education, which is free according to the TRNC education system, continues until the age of 15. 

Except for the non-compulsory kindergarten period, this period It consists of primary education covering primary and secondary school periods. Schooling rate for primary and secondary school students, TRNC State Planning Organisation; According to the data, it is at the level of 100%.

secondary education in Northern Cyprus; It can be realized with years of flat high school, college, vocational high school, science high school and practical art school education, as well as four-year fine arts high school, Anatolian high school, technical high school and tourism hotel management schools. /span>

According to 2017 data, the schooling rate in Northern Cyprus for high school students is 65%. After graduating from these schools, students can start their higher education programs. In the TRNC, there are undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies in this field. and higher education institutions offering doctoral education. We can say that these educational institutions have an important place for the economy of Northern Cyprus.

  1. Primary and Secondary Education

Education, primary and secondary education in Northern Cyprus It starts with recipes. Primary education is compulsory until the age of 15, and the compulsory period includes primary and secondary school. In the compulsory education process, students learn basic information including literacy and subjects suitable for their level. Before this, kindergarten education can also be provided to children, and this period is considered a part of basic education. After this compulsory education process, the student will; or they can study in a secondary education institution for four years. Students can achieve greater diversity in education. &Cedil;∵ In addition to preferences such as regular high schools and colleges, there are options such as schools providing education in fields such as tourism and fine arts, vocational high schools and Anatolian high schools. When the secondary education process is passed, it is seen that the schooling rate in Northern Cyprus decreases by 30-35% compared to primary education. Despite this, many students continue their education by completing secondary education.

  1. < span style="">Higher education in Northern Cyprus

Compulsory education and subsequent secondary education After that, Northern Cyprus is a place full of various opportunities for students in terms of education. Institutions that offer education for the higher education process may have different requirements when accepting students. However, it is primarily necessary to graduate from a secondary education institution. In Northern Cyprus, the higher education process is paid. Therefore, we can say that higher education institutions have an important place in the economy of the country.

In TRNC, besides state universities There are various foundation universities and private universities as well. North There are a total of over 100,000 university students continuing their education in schools in Cyprus. 

Providing YÖK equivalency In addition to universities, there are universities in the TRNC that are members of institutions such as the European University Association and the International Association of Universities. Many universities in the TRNC provide students with a quality education opportunity. In addition, the island can offer a peaceful and enjoyable life for students.

  1. List of National Universities in Northern Cyprus

Universities wishing to study in TRNC; There are many different universities that open their doors to their students. Some of these universities are TRNC-based, while others are abroad-based. In addition to state universities, there are also foundation universities and private universities in Northern Cyprus. Undergraduate, undergraduate and postgraduate in various fields; These universities, which provide education, are preferred by many students.

The day in Northern Cyprus, where the field of education is important There are 27 active higher education institutions in total. 21 of these universities have their headquarters in the TRNC and the other 4 have their headquarters abroad. Among the 27 higher education institutions we mentioned, there are also 2 vocational schools. These vocational schools; It is the Ouml;ngel Cosmetology College and Police School Directorate in Nicosia.

TRNC Higher Education The list of universities accredited by the Planning, Supervision, Accreditation and Coordination Board is as follows:

  • Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Near East University
  • Girne American University
  • Girne University
  • Cypriot American University
  • Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences
  • < span style="">Cyprus University of Social Sciences
  • Lefke Avru pa ÜUniversity
  • Cyprus University of Science
  • Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus
  • International Final University
  • Cyprus International University
  • Mediterranean Karpaz University
  • Istanbul Technical University Education and Research Campuses of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Cyprus Science University
  • Atatürk Turkish Teacher Academy< /li>
  • Arkin University of Creative Art and Design
  • Cyprus Metropolitan University