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Today, Northern Cyprus; It is a place with unique beauties, located in a humid location in the Mediterranean. This has been the case throughout history, and this island has been important for different civilizations in areas such as trade, production, culture and tourism. Today, as in the past, this island preserves its importance in many ways. If you want to visit this place or learn about the island, Northern Cyprus tourism may be a subject that interests you. On this page, you can find a lot of detailed information about the subject.

Types for many different reasons; You may want to learn about Northern Cyprus. Because this island; It can offer opportunities in many subjects such as traveling, living, studying and investing. For example, Northern Cyprus is a place with various investment opportunities in the real estate field. In addition, we can say that one of the first issues that come to mind when Cyprus is mentioned is Northern Cyprus tourism. A significant part of the island's economy is the service sector, which includes tourism. forms. You can continue to review our page for information about the touristic places, visit statistics and more.

  1. Tourism Overview in Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus, famous for its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions Before examining the tourism data of Turkey in detail, we can talk about the tourism of this place in general. Because of its location, Northern Cyprus is a very suitable place in terms of tourism. &Cedil;∵ The geographical location of the island ensures that the summers on the island last a very long time. Thus, visitors can enjoy the beaches of Northern Cyprus for many periods of the year. In addition, the island has a unique nature and can provide great activity opportunities for visitors who like to spend time in the open air.

In addition to its beaches and nature Northern Cyprus also attracts attention with its historical sites. The island has been used as a living space by various civilizations throughout history. As a result, many different civilizations have left historical remains in Cyprus. So for history lovers, this can be a great place to visit. Although international embargoes are being implemented against Northern Cyprus, serious investments have been made in the tourism sector. According to the TRNC Tourism and Planning Department 2017 data, the number of touristic facilities is 134 and the total number of beds in the facilities is 21,583.

Important areas for Northern Cyprus tourism we can summarize it as sea tourism, water sports, underwater diving, yachting, mountaineering, horse riding, caving, trekking, golf, festivals and fairs. The tourism sector, which is important for the island economy; 8.7% of the TRNC's gross national product in 2016;

  1. North Cyprus Annual Tourist Statistics

As we mentioned, Northern Cyprus offers many opportunities in the field of tourism to have a pleasant time. Accordingly, thousands of tourists from various countries visit Northern Cyprus every year. In addition, we can say that the historical sites, natural beauties and wonderful beaches of the island are also good reasons to visit Northern Cyprus. The majority of the tourists visiting the TRNC are visitors from Turkey. Apart from this, there are visits from European countries such as England and Germany, as well as countries such as Iran and Israel.

The tourism sector on the island. Let's take a brief look at the tourist statistics to better understand its importance. According to the TRNC Tourism Planning Department data, the total number of people staying in touristic accommodation facilities in 2021 was 401.516. 265,911 of these tourists came from Turkey. While this number was 10,383 for England, it was 17,107 for Germany, 1,124 for France, 2,911 for Russia and 2,386 for Slovakia. According to the statistics of the same year, 1,282 people from Iran, 1,693 people from Lebanon and 5,202 people from Israel stayed in touristic accommodation facilities in Northern Cyprus.

Ö visit in 2020 and 2021, especially due to the pandemic There has been a decrease in the future. The number of people staying in touristic accommodation facilities is over 1 million in total in 2018 and 2019, according to the same statistics.

  1. North Cyprus Touristic Places

If you are planning to visit TRNC for touristic purposes, here is what you can do. You can find many activities. ÖFor example, you can have a pleasant time with activities such as trekking and underwater diving that we mentioned earlier.

In addition, Kyrenia in North Cyprus There are many interesting historical places such as the castle and the ancient city of Salamis. There are also many museums and monasteries that you can visit here. In summary, Northern Cyprus; It is a place that not only makes it possible to have a pleasant holiday with its beaches, but also allows you to have a satisfying cultural tour.

  1. The Impact of Tourism on the Economy in Northern Cyprus

The convenient location and unique With its beauties, we can say that Northern Cyprus is an ideal place for tourism. Although small agriculture and light industry areas are important in the island economy, a large part of the TRNC economy is in the service sector. creates. This sector includes trade, education and tourism as well as the public sector. The trade-tourism field accounted for 13.8% of the GNP of Northern Cyprus in 2021.

Tourism is the most important sector for Northern Cyprus; is one of them. At the same time, fields such as education and trade are also important for the economy of Northern Cyprus. In addition, Northern Cyprus is a place that offers various opportunities for real estate investments.