Why North Cyprus ?

When it comes to real estate, there are many places in the world that offer interesting opportunities. While making this choice, many factors can be effective, from real estate prices to the possibility of the investment's appreciation over time. At the same time, living standards and other opportunities in the area can affect your real estate purchasing choices. Northern Cyprus offers some opportunities to potential buyers in the real estate field. For this reason, we can say that Northern Cyprus is a place worth getting information about real estate investments. So, why should you choose Northern Cyprus for real estate investment?

First of all, a good investment can be made in the field of real estate at affordable prices in Northern Cyprus. Here, real estates that are appreciated over time also have a good rental income. Therefore, if you intend to buy real estate for investment purposes, you can take a look at the opportunities in Northern Cyprus. In addition, if you are planning to continue your life here, you can examine the opportunities in the field of real estate. Northern Cyprus is one of the wonderful places you can choose to lead your life. Now let's examine these items one by one in detail.

  1. 1. An Increase in Values ​​in the Real Estate Sector in Northern Cyprus

When investing in real estate, real estate prices are high. The fact that it is falling can create wonderful opportunities. We can say that this situation is valid in the Northern Cyprus real estate sector. Because a few of the past; During the year, housing prices in Northern Cyprus have appreciated by approximately 10-12% annually. "For example, in 2012, in the Pier Area, "22,000" 40-50 m2 studio flats sold for £24,000 are sold for around £70,000 - £105,000 in 2022. Only from this example, you can see that the real estate prices in Northern Cyprus have increased quite well.

In addition to the example we gave, the other part of the island; It is observed that the real estate values ​​in the regions also increase over time. To give an example, 2+1 flats sold in Famagusta Center at around £35,000 are currently finding buyers at prices of around £70,000 and higher. Of course, apart from these, it is possible to observe significant increases in other regions as well. Adding the changes in the exchange rate difference between the British Pound and Turkish Lira on top of these price increases, we can say that Northern Cyprus offers great opportunities in the real estate field.

  1. 2. Northern Cyprus Is A Great Place To Live And Study

Buying real estate attracts your interest as an investment opportunity. may be planting. Real estate values ​​that change over time can turn smart real estate purchases and sales into a profitable opportunity. However, other than that, you may be viewing the North Cyprus house for sale ads for your own use. If you want to spend your life on a wonderful island with amazing beaches and a unique nature, this might be a good idea. From its history to its cuisine and its people, many things make Northern Cyprus a perfect place to live. you can choose one option. Besides being a wonderful place to live, Northern Cyprus has good educational opportunities. More than 100,000 students in total are studying in TRNC universities, which are accepted by YÖK and provide education at world education standards. In addition, the demand for private schools, which have been providing foreign language-based education since primary school education, is quite high. Northern Cyprus is a great place for quality education in a peaceful and safe environment.

  1. < span style="">3. Real Estate in Northern Cyprus Can Provide Good Rental Income

For a good investment, for time; It is important to increase the value of the real estate in the future. Thus, the real estate, whose value increases, makes it possible to make a profit after many years. However, besides this, rental income can be another factor when purchasing real estate. 

It is important to invest in real estate in Northern Cyprus. We can say that one of the reasons is the rental depreciation periods. Basically, the lease amortization period is It is obtained by dividing its value by monthly rent and can be an important factor when investing in real estate.

Rent depreciation in a city like Istanbul; While the resilience is around 22 years at least, this period varies between 10-16 years in Northern Cyprus. For example, the rental payback period in the Kyrenia real estate market is around 16 years. In addition, rental depreciation periods in Famagusta and Nicosia real estate markets decrease up to 12 years. Rental amortization periods at this level make the TRNC real estate market attractive for investors.

  1. 4. Real Estate in Northern Cyprus Offers a Good Investment Opportunity at an Affordable Price

It is a wonderful place with its unique beauties. You may be planning to invest in real estate in Northern Cyprus. Whether you want to live on this island or just invest, this can be a good idea. &Cedil;∵ Northern Cyprus real estate prices, which have been rising over time, can turn the real estates here into a good investment opportunity. In addition, you can find investment opportunities in real estate at very affordable prices.

Basically, we can say that Northern Cyprus is a place worth examining in the field of real estate. You can easily reach many interesting opportunities in this field through our company. For this, you can take a look at the Northern Cyprus real estate options we offer on our site. You can contact us by making your choice among the opportunities we offer, and you can take an important step to invest in real estate in Northern Cyprus in an easy and reliable way.