Cyprus is one of the countries that all investors in the world are in demand and is considered to have a very high investment potential compared to its peers.

Offering a quality and luxurious life on one of the most beautiful coasts in the world, Northern Cyprus was ranked as one of the five best beaches in the world to invest in 2021 by Forbes magazine, the publishing organ of the American business world. The rental income or real estate sales obtained in the investments made are in pounds. The average return on investment is 10-12 years. The annual increase in the financial value of the houses is around 15% in pounds and this rate is increasing every year.

With the increase in the population and the number of tourists coming to the region, the need for housing is also increasing day by day. n Northern Cyprus is a unique location that offers a much more cost-effective holiday advantage than its counterparts in France and Italy with its clubs, casinos, luxury hotels, long coastline, sea, almost year-round sunshine climate and historical tourism. n Within our projects, we also have options that are operated in the hotel concept, offer professional management and rental services, and provide annual rental guarantee according to the selected apartment. It is also much easier to obtain a residence permit in Cyprus with real estate investments.


Cyprus Real Estate Investment Tours CALLS YOU WITH REAL ESTATE OPPORTUNITIES WITH 12 YEAR RETURN PERIOD... Thanks to the business partnerships we have made in overseas investments, we share the best solution proposals with you. In this parallel, "Housing Investment", which has a return period of 25 years in our country, decreases to a return period of 12 years in the projects we have contracted. In addition, these projects provide you with both investment advantages and vacation opportunities. How? Let us host you in Cyprus and have the opportunity to see our projects in detail.


Continuously Rising Values in Cyprus. The annual increase is around 15% in Pounds and these rates are increasing every year. Prices in Northern Cyprus are 4 times lower than in Greek Cyprus.

2. Rental Yield. The increase in the number of tourists and students increases the need for housing day by day. While the average housing return period in Turkey is 25 years, this rate varies between 10-12 years in Cyprus. With annual cash in advance and/or short-term rental opportunities, you will earn much more on an annual basis.

 3. The Possibility of Northern Cyprus Joining the EU. In the negotiation process that has been going on for years, great progress has been made especially in recent years. For those who invest in real estate in Cyprus, the unification of the island and joining the European Union will provide great advantages.

4. Structure and Climate of Cyprus People. The social and benevolent structure of the people of Cyprus, as well as their respect for the law, is above many countries. For this reason, the rate of judicial cases is much lower compared to our country. It is one of the unique countries in terms of climate and natural beauties.

5. Residence Permit Opportunity. With your real estate investments, it becomes easier for you to get a residence permit.

6. Tourism Investments. One of the important sectors in Cyprus is tourism. The acceleration of touristic investments and the increase in the number of beds has increased significantly. Between 2007 and 2022, capacity grew by 100% from 15,000 to 30,000 beds. The expectation for the next 2 years is a 30% increase to 40,000 capacity.




Why Should We Invest in Land?

Land is the world's oldest and most profitable investment instrument from past to present. Due to the ever-increasing population density and developing commercial investments in the world, the demand for different types of land and land is constantly increasing.


Where to Invest in Land for High Profit?

Places with tourism potential and presence, where the state directs people with various incentives and supports for commercial development;

Locations with high potential development values, developed in terms of education and sociology, and without transportation problems;

In short, from regions that are not developed, but developing and expected to develop.