Откройте для себя Северный Кипр

“Cub Homeland” Northern Cyprus, also known as Northern Cyprus, attracts the attention of many people with its many different features. First of all, Northern Cyprus is a great place for tourism with its perfect nature, sunny beaches, luxury hotels and sights worth seeing. For this reason, thousands of tourists visit the TRNC every year. 

In addition, Northern Cyprus is a wonderful place to live and is noted for its educational opportunities. ;sows. In addition to all these features, Northern Cyprus offers many opportunities to invest in real estate. You can find detailed information about Northern Cyprus in many ways on our page.

North Cyprus, which has been exposed to international embargoes since its establishment, has many difficulties in the economy. ç Despite this, the economy of Northern Cyprus, which is mainly based on the service sector, has shown a very successful performance over the years despite all the difficulties. 

< span style="">In addition, Northern Cyprus is a place with investment opportunities in the field of real estate. For this reason, for those who plan to invest in real estate, “Northern Cyprus is a country worth learning about.” we can say. Now, let's review this beautiful place in general with its basic features and examine it in detail in areas such as culture, tourism, economy, education, real estate.

  1. Basic Information About Northern Cyprus

Let's talk about some basic information of the country before we examine Northern Cyprus in detail on subjects such as culture, tourism, education and life. First of all, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is a country that was established on 15.11.1983 and is governed by a parliamentary democracy system.

The capital is Nicosia. North Cyprus's face and death Its population is 3,242km2 and according to 2021 calculations, its population is 382,836. In Northern Cyprus, where the majority of the population is composed of Turkish Cypriots, 99% of the citizens are Muslims, while the remaining 1% belong to other religions.

The largest province in terms of population in Northern Cyprus is Nicosia, which is also the capital city with a population of around 158,000. Kyrenia, Famagusta, Iskele, Guzelyurt and Lefke follow Nicosia in this ranking. Mediterranean climate prevails in Northern Cyprus. 

The official language is Turkish, its currency is Turkish Lira and time The zone is UTC+3. The neighbors of the TRNC are Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and Southern Cyprus. In addition, the phone code of the island is +90 392 and traffic flows in the left lane on the island. Finally, the emergency phones used in the country are as follows:

  • Police 155
  • Emergency Medical 112
  • Fire 199
  • Forest Fire 177
  • < li style="" aria-level="1">Civil Defense 101
  1. North Cyprus Culture, Tourism and Economy

K& ;culture&; It is an important issue for every society and Northern Cyprus has its own characteristics as well as being very rich in this area. People have lived on the island for thousands of years and the island has been a place where different civilizations lived throughout history. Therefore, the culture of Northern Cyprus has become very rich with the influence of these civilizations. Whether it's folk dance, music or traditional arts, Northern Cyprus has a wide variety of culture.

Such a rich culture. Northern Cyprus, with its culture, is a place visited by thousands of tourists every year. We can say that one of the reasons for this is the island's rich culture as well as historical and touristic places worth seeing. In addition, Northern Cyprus tourism is also affected by factors such as the island's beautiful weather, natural places and beaches. A large part of the tourists visiting the island; It comes from Turkey. In addition to this, the TRNC also receives visitors from places such as England, Germany, France, Russia and Iran.

Finally, this beginning Another subject that we will examine under this heading is the economy of the TRNC. The most important sector for the economy of Northern Cyprus is the service sector, which also includes trade, education and tourism. In addition, products such as citrus and milk products are produced on the island. Light industry is also one of the areas that contribute to the island's economy. In addition to all these, some other important areas for the economy in Northern Cyprus are real estate, education and public services.

  1. Education and Life in North Cyprus

As we mentioned, Northern Cyprus’ In the meantime, education is an important sector in terms of the country's economy. In addition, education is one of the subjects given importance in Northern Cyprus. There are many primary, secondary and higher education institutions in the country that provide quality education. Compulsory education, which includes primary and secondary school in the TRNC, takes place until the age of 15, after which it can be transferred to secondary education.

University in Northern Cyprus In order to study, it is necessary to graduate from a suitable secondary education institution and to meet the necessary conditions. Universities in Northern Cyprus, where there are more than 20 universities in total, are divided into state, private and foundation universities. Today, more than 100,000 university students in total are studying in Northern Cyprus. It is possible to live a peaceful life and enjoy various pleasant activities in the country that hosts quality educational institutions.

  1. Real Estate Industry in Northern Cyprus

Offering great opportunities in the fields of education and tourism, Northern Cyprus also has many options in real estate. There are many real estate examples that have gained value over time in different parts of the country. If you want to invest in real estate, Northern Cyprus can offer you many opportunities with real estate options. For this, you can examine the options we offer on our site and contact us easily.